Blow-through valve type B35


Built to Last

  • Robust construction achieved through the use of high-quality cast iron GG25.
  • The large central shaft made of premium steel ensures minimal deflection due to high top-loading, minimal deflection from blowing under pressure, and also serves as a solid foundation for welded components.
  • The bearings are maintenance-free with a service life of 12 years (at 0.5 bar, 40°C, and 30 RPM).
  • The seals provide maximum protection.
  • The valves are water- and weather-resistant, capable of withstanding high-pressure cleaning, road debris, salt, and operating temperatures ranging from -15°C to 60°C.
  • The valves are designed for rebuilding.

Engineered for Performance

  • Compact built-in dimensions and intelligent geometry ensure smooth product flow.
  • The semi-underlying blowing chute maintains a constant, uninterrupted airflow, reducing the likelihood of blockage during overload or material transportation.
  • The large central shaft ensures maximum sealing between chambers.

Designed for Installation

  • Various drive options: external motor in line.
  • Compact dimensions with ample volume, achieved through small installation sizes resulting from a short inlet hole and narrow installation width.


  • Unlike Type B20, Type B35 features external bearings.
  • Type B35 has a scraper blade on the rotor to prevent hygroscopic products from accumulating on the wall (image on the right).
  • A wiper on the rotor prevents the rotor chamber from being filled 100% and prevents hard materials from jamming between the rotor and the stator (image on the left).
  • A vent hole allows for decompression of rising pressure in the rotor chamber and ensures maximum filling capacity for lightweight products.
  • The large discharge opening of ∅ 125 mm ensures smoother operation.
  • Through refined engineering, the ratio between installation dimensions and rotor volume is even tighter compared to Type B20

  • 38 tons per hour at 30 RPM (capacity for mixed feed)
  • Rotor volume: 35 dm³ per rotation
  • Maximum operating pressure of 3.8 bar
  • External bearings
  • Internal shaft
  • Blow-through diameter of ∅ 125 mm