AROVA is a proud family business located in Izegem, West Flanders, Belgium. For over 40 years, AROVA has been designing, manufacturing, and rebuilding rotary valves.

With AROVA REBUILD, we are specialized in rebuilding any type of rotary valve. Three generations of knowledge passed down from father to son guarantee professionalism and quality. In our factory, valves are disassembled, welded, machined, assembled, and painted on a daily basis. The result? A new valve, but cheaper and better than new, thanks to a thorough analysis of wear patterns according to your application. At AROVA REBUILD, we strive for higher efficiency and a longer lifespan for your valve.

AROVA BUILD represents our own product line of blow-through valves for pneumatic transport of powders, granular products and bulk goods. Quality and sustainability take precedence in the development of new AROVA valves. The AROVA valves combine standard installation sizes, unique geometry and the best techniques for each system. One product, multiple applications.

Looking for a special application or design? AROVA is happy to collaborate on your custom project!


Pieter Vandersteene (Managing Director)

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